The Track Mounted Screen from Propel Industries has the best of both technology and engineering expertise. The high engineered huck bolt fastening system has proven to be a very safe and reliable method. It can be used for wet screening fitted with spray pipes.

Salient Features

  • Heavy duty track unit.  Safety guards in compliance with machinery directive study catwalk with handrails, kick board and access ladders.
  • Dual Power Mode - Flexibility to power the plant either by external Electric connection or by on-board diesel generator power pack unit (optional)
  • Four point emergency stop. Detachable Dog lead Control System for Marching
  • Electrical driven Hydraulic System for quick Setup & marching. High screening capacity
  • Conveyors well skirted and sealed to avoid material spillages
and many more...

NOTE: For more details on models and specifications, please download the product brochure.

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