Sand Washer with Dewatering Screen

Propel sand washers are bucket type sand washing machines – water type sand making equipment. Propel Sand Washers are capable of improving the sand quality by washing out the tiny stone powder as well as impurities mixed in the sand obtained from natural sources or from sand making machines such as sand cone or VSI.

Propel sand washing machines are wheel bucket type and can be efficiently used for washing, classifying and dewatering of manufactured sand (M Sand). Propel sand washers utilize advanced technologies for high efficient sand washing, developed according to practical conditions of sand industries to meet out the IS standard requirements of gradation in the final output sand.

Propel sand washers have the features of high washing quality, reasonable heavy structure, large output capacity, very low energy consumption and very little sand loss during the washing process. Propel sand washers are comparatively bigger in size and low water consumption machines.

Salient Features

  • Heavy and sturdy construction.
  • Cartridge type bucket wheel and spiral arrangement.
  • Bucket changing is easy and swift.
  • High-tech planetary gear reducer is used in all propel sand washers for efficient and maintenance-free running.
  • Good quality sand output to fulfill construction standards.
  • Heavy self aligned spherical roller bearing blocks for trouble-free running.
  • Spiral wheels empowered with hordox tips to withstand wear and tear.
  • Bucket changing is easy and swift.
  • Total water trough is protected by anti corrosive special coating.
  • By varying the RPM of the buckets, the percentage of fines can be controlled.
  • Bucket speed cartridge by VFD.
  • Screen frame manufactured out of high tensile special alloy steel plates.
  • The Cardan shaft is positioned at the center of gravity such that circular motion results on the complete area of the screen.
  • Unique Cardan shaft connecting arrangement with universal coupling.
  • The unique angle of the circular motion MVS Screens are able to achieve higher productivity for all type of screening applications.
  • Modular design and excellent segregation to suit the aggregate and mining industries’ requirements.
  • Special components arrangement with huck bolts, side plates, deck frames and special vibrating mechanism.
  • Hydraulically tightened, huck bolt fastening arrangement with no welding on side plates.
  • Stroke adjustment through adjustable counter weight.
  • Cartridge type modular vibrating mechanism.
  • Grease lubrication system.

Sand Washer with Dewatering Scree

Key Benefits

  • Very low power consumption.
  • Easy and low maintenance.
  • Highly capable and efficient utilization.
  • Better reliability and longer life.
  • High efficiency in separating water from sand.
  • Savings in operating and maintenance costs.

Technical Data

Sand Washer

Model SW 75 SW 100 SW 150 SW 200
Wheel diameter 2.27 Mtr 2.5 Mtr 2.75 Mtr 3.1 Mtr
No of bucket 34 38 42 48
Machine Weight 3600 kgs 5200 kgs 7100 kgs 8500 kgs
Water tank capacity 4500 Ltr 5000 Ltr 6000 Ltr 15000 Ltr
Motor power 5.5kW 7.5 kw 11 kw 15 kw
Capacity 45-60 60-80 90-120 120-160

Dewatering Screen

Model DW 75 DW 100 DW 150 DW 200
Screen width 900 mm 900 mm 1500 mm 1800 mm
Screen length 1800 mm 2150 mm 2500 mm 2500 mm
Machine Weight 775 kgs 850 kgs 1300 kgs 1900 kgs
Operating Angle 5A to 8A 5A to 8A 5A to 8A 5A to 8A
Motor Capacity 2.2 kw 3.0 kw 3.92 kw 6.4 kw

dimensional detail

DIMENSIONS SW 75 SW 100 SW 150 SW 200
A 2500 2710 3040 3430
B 4630 5230 5780 6490
C 1965 2180 2365 2770
D 5020 6025 7365 8065
E 200 190 295 405
F 1110 1200 1290 1520

Dewatering Screen

DW 75 900 1950 1200 1450
DW 100 1200 2250 1400 1750
DW 150 1500 2550 1500 2050
DW 200 1800 2900 1750 2400

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