AV Group is an indelible name in the engineering business arena. The Group of companies focuses upon international standard Crushing equipments, High Precision components, foundries, tractor attachment & construction equipment, manufacturing and agro implements .

AV group, with over half a century experience in serving diverse industries, stands tall as one of the industries’ giants. The group of companies includes, OPEL, Sandfits Foundry, Bull Machines, Bull Agro Implements and Propel Industries.


Oriental Plants and Equipment’s Limited (OPEL) manufactures high precision components for industries like Wind Energy, Earth Moving, Automobile, Railways, etc. Opel has received prestigious awards from L&T KOMATSU and Caterpillar.

Sandfits Foundry

Sandfits is one of the leading manufacturers of all grades of Grey as well as SG iron castings. Sandfits caters to diverse custom requirements including wind mill equipment, transport equipment, construction heavy metal needs, and so on.

Bull Machines

Bull Machines is a leading manufacturer of tractor attachments. It also produces world class dedicated construction equipment vehicles and has made an impact in the world market. Bull Machines is the Indian leader in loaders and backhoes in its class and segment.

Bull Agro Implements

Bull Agro is a leading manufacturer of efficient tiller blades, and agricultural implements like rotary tillers & reversible plough. It is the first company in India to have started manufacturing of rotary tiller blades and one of the largest manufacturers of tillage tools in the world.

Propel Solutions – A benchmark for performance and reliability.