Grizzly Feeder

Grizzly Feeder Manufacturer in India

Propel Grizzly Feeders are efficiently designed for handling large feed rates with coarse blasted rock and also to take the material impact from dump trucks or wheel loaders. The grizzly area is divided into two segments, which improves the scalping efficiency as well as limits the grizzly bar length. Together with designed step height and tapered grizzly bars, Propel Grizzly Feeders eliminate pegging and the efficiency of separation is enhanced.

Propel Grizzly Feeders are meticulously engineered to combine the functions of feeding as well as scalping into one unit, bringing down the cost of having two separate units. Propel grizzly feeders are specially designed for mobile / portable and stationary plant installations.

Propel grizzly feeders are equipped with counter unbalanced electric motor drive for good reliability and offer staple steeples feed rate adjustments. Suitable for horizontal and inclined operating conditions, our Grizzly Feeders are capable of taking heavy shock loads from trucks, shovels as well as loaders.

AVGF Grizzly Feeders

Salient Features

  • Well designed feeder body, bolted construction to withstand maximum impact loads and easy maintenance
  • Cost effective low profile hardened steel replaceable grizzly cartridge sections
  • Cartridge type scalp screen for effective scalp and bypass material to relieve the crusher
  • Exposed areas are covered with high wear resistant replaceable wear liners
  • Compact and low height construction
  • Feeder trough fitted with replaceable wear liners
  • Single steeples feed rate adjustment
  • Suspended coil springs for best isolation of dynamic loads
  • Larger models are fully welded construction for sturdiness and reliability.
  • Large models are equipped with high manganese steel replaceable grizzly bars with cartridge type arrangement
  • Tapered grizzly bar design eliminates pegging problem and improve the separation efficiency Optional VFD speed adjustment system

Grizzly Feeder

Key Benefits

  • Ready to use structure - swift and easy installation.
  • Considerably less operation cost.
  • Significantly low power consumption.
  • Low investment, low downtime for replacement of parts and consumables.

Technical Data

Model Feeder Dimension WxL (mm) Drive Mechanism Power (kW) Capacity (TPH) Top Feed Size (mm) Grizzly Area (lxb) (m) Weight (kg)
AVGF 940 V2 900X4100 Electrical unbalanced motors 2x4.2 250 450 1.2 x 0.9 4000
AVGF 1142 V2 1100X4200 Electrical unbalanced motors 2x4.2 400 700 1.5 x 1.1 4300
AVGF 1344 V2 1300X4400 Electrical unbalanced motors 2X7.5 500 900 1.4 x 1.3 4500
AVGF 1353 V2 1300 x 5300 Electrical unbalanced motors 2x7.5 600 900 2.1 x 1.3 6000
AVGF 1661 1600 x 6100 Modular Vibrator 22 1000 1200 2.5 x 1.6 11000

dimensional detail

Model A B C D E
AVGF 940 V2 1100 4170 1600 1365 970
AVGF 1142 V2 1175 4350 1505 1375 1525
AVGF 1344 V2 1500 4600 1840 1525 1480

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