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Dual Pro Screens

Propel Dual Sand screens are designed for screen cuts of 35 microns to 2 inches. Rapid changing of screen mat, and elimination of clogging is guarantees effective screening with boltless attachment of polyurethane mats. To achieve the final product the 13" wide mats offer greater flexibility in tuning the screen resulting in a lower replacement cost. For changing the 10 square meters of screen surface approximately one hour is needed. Propel screens work efficiently.

Propel Dual Pro Screen is introduced to meet the growing demand in the recycling technology to classify raw and recycling materials. These semi-finished and finished products constitute difficult challenge to most conventional screens. High material moisture causes material to build up in the screens, spiky or flaky material can get stuck fibrous. Screening is not possible when cottony substances become entangled and completely clogged the screen.

Sand Screening Machine Manufacturers in India

Salient Features

  • Low power consumption.
  • Fine screening of moist material.
  • Expel blinding and plugging.
  • Polyurethane screen mats for long life.
  • Highly flexible for varying material requirements.
  • Large efficient screen area-high capacity.
  • Rugged construction / low maintenance.

Working Principle

With dynamically activated screen mats and the basic oscillatory movement accurate energy that is needed and ensure adequate loosening of screening material. This prevents the clogging of screen mats is communicated to the material being screened.

Vibrating weight 1: circular amplitudes adjustable 2 a = 4 - 7 mm
Vibrating weight 2: elliptic movement 2 a = 12 - 18 mm
Screenmat: expansion or contraction.

Technical Data

Models Screen Size
WxL (mm)
Max. Moisture
No. of Decks
Motor Power (kW/HP) Capacity (TPH)
MVS 1845 1800 x 4500 8.1 4% 2 15 / 20 60 - 80 TPH
MVS 2060 2000 x 6000 12 4% 2, 3, 4 22 / 30 100 - 120 TPH

The maximum Feed size to these screens shall be 180 mm & the maximum aperture of media that can be installed is 75 mm. The above mentioned capacities are indicative and are dependent on feed gradation, Material density, moisture, presence of clay etc. The recommended feed size & capacity shall vary based on process and application. Please contact Propel for more information. It is important to have a System & Process that can provide consistent and graded feed to the screen in order to maximise the performance including Chute Designs, Feed & Discharge Conveyor selection. .*

Different Installations

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