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About Propel

Crushing is integral to industries as diverse as mining and construction. In both the industries the need for fast efficient crushing operations is vital and makes a world of difference in terms of quality and productivity. This is the reason why customers across the country rely on Propel to provide innovative and technologically sound, cost effective solutions to meet their demands.

Propel Industries is a strategic business division of the 50 year old AV Group and is the result of intense research and development into the market needs of the construction and mining industries. We have state of art machining facilities and vast experience as our backbone making us an ideal solution provider for construction and mining industries.

Propel is a company of robust quality committed to making a difference in the construction and mining industries. Our main values are customer focus, teamwork, integrity, continual improvement, professionalism, creativity and innovation. We benefit from an integrated infra structure facility that compares to world standards. Decades of experience in making has helped us providing products of higher reliability and performance.

Propel has over the years build up a strong customer base across the country. We embrace new work cultures, have a comprehensive range,We are the complete solutions for mining and construction industries. High in quality and performance.

About Propel